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Born and raised growing up in Hawaii I learned how to fish from uncle who taught me everything from catching oama with bamboo pole, diving, throwing net, paipai net, etc. Fishing had been in my blood ever since. Catching fish back then even to this day brings me the same challenge, excitement and pleasure it once did.


In my later years being an avid fisherman, I learned to bottomfish and accumulate knowledge that was passed down from generations of Hawaii’s high-line fishermen. My bottom fishing experience has allowed me to fish throughout the entire Hawaiian archipelago, including the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, American Samoa and the Mariana Archipelago.


Because of this extensive bottomfish knowledge I now participate on State and Federal agencies advisory bodies, in workshops, meeting and task forces that provide input on bottomfish fishery management. I also possess specialized communication skills that allow me to be able to effectively work with Hawaii’s fishing and science communities. This has been a very important element in the success of administering numerous cooperative research projects.

Being able to fish in different places around the world and experience different fisheries has enhanced my overall fishing knowledge. From fishing lingcod in Canada, to fishing salmon in Alaska to catching kinmedai and ika in Japan fishing has taken me places I would have never have thought possible. Now it is time for me share these experiences and knowledge to give back to our fishing community. So that future generations can enjoy the simple pleasures of fishing sustainably for generations to come.