DAR’s Fishers meeting

DAR is hosting talk story meetings that are fisher driven – that means any fisher can ask a question to DAR. The rules are simple, show up at the meeting and ask any fisheries management question that you have. The questions must be issues within DAR’s jurisdiction such as “What’s happening with the shark rules?… Continue reading DAR’s Fishers meeting

WBC Labor Day Tournament 2020

Jim Hori on Lokahi: 1st place 329 pound Marlin Steve Lee on Puka Head: 2nd place 154 pound Marlin Jamie Barlow on One Step: 3rd place 53 pound Shibi Dave Itano on Opah 2: Mahi division winner 9 pound Mahi Gerald Tanaka on Momi T: Aku division winner 24 pound Aku

Annual Leaderboard Winners 2020

Marlin Winner => F/V Kahenawai, Blue Marlin, 560.00 lb Ahi Winner => Bam Bam, Ahi, 182.20 lb Mahi Winner => Aquanaut808, Mahi Mahi, 39.70 lb Aku Winner => Gerald Tanaka, Aku, 24.40 lb Ono Winner => Kgb808, Ono, 52.00 lb

July 2020 Lokahi Virtual App Tournament Winners

Marlin: Jamie Barlow-Blue Marlin 170 lbs; 9” Green Scoop Morris Lure pick up at Roy’s Fishing Supply Ahi: Henry Ta-Ahi 100 lbs; $25 Gift Card to Hobbietat, pick up at Hobbietat Ono: Jim Silva-Ono 15 lbs; $25 Gift Card to POP, pick up at POP Nice Try: Ed Watamura-4 hours of effort; $25 Gift Card… Continue reading July 2020 Lokahi Virtual App Tournament Winners

August 2020 Tournament Results

Marlin: Len Nakano from Kona-400 pound marlin; $25 gc from Pacific Rim Spearfish: Tommy Hirao-Spearfish 37 pounds; $25 gc from Nicos Ono: Jim Hori-Ono 20 pounds; Shimano rod and reel from West Marine Mahi: Jason Hijirida Mahi 19.5 pounds; $25 gc from POP Aku: Jason Hijirida Aku 15.4 pounds; $25 gc from Hana Paa Nice… Continue reading August 2020 Tournament Results

Lokahi September Winners 2020

Henry Ta: Mahi; Tsutomu Lure Kgb808-Brandon Bajo: Ono; $25 GC to S Tokunaga Manoboy12-John A. Nalimu Jr: Aku ; $25 GC to J Hara Lauren Hori: Nice Try; Shimano Rod and Reel from West Marine