Photos and Share with Friends

Photo sharing allows us to post pictures of our catches, seeing other fishermen’s posts, liking or commenting on their catch! We all like to acknowledge someone else’s catches as well as being congratulated on we caught so please download the app and see what our fellow fishermen are catching and post your own catch!

Data Feeds

As the big day nears when we get to go fishing for the one, we need to study the wind, weather, tide, and the moon to stay safe and maximize our fishing experience. In the past we looked at many separate sites which takes time so we have all these important data feeds all on one app allowing us to gather all the information we need very efficiently! Please download the Lokahi Fishing app and have all the data in one place!

Catch Report

One of the most critical pieces of information is where are the fish biting and what are they biting? Our catch report section features both a live and a delayed catch report for entering what you caught, when you caught it, and what you caught it on! The Live Catch Report(LCR) feature is when you enter the information live just after you caught the fish and posting it if you’re withing cell range. The Delayed Catch Report(DCR) feature is when you enter the same information and post it a while after you caught it whether it’s after you’ve taken care of your fish and setting up your lines or after you get home in the evening. Imagine how valuable this information would be where only your friends information will show up on the app helping you make a better decision of where to go and what to run! Please download the Lokahi Fishing app so that you will know where and what the fish are biting!